Arabia Virtual



General Information's about Arabia Virtual :

– Every new pilot must complete two legs in 15 days after the register to Arabia Virtual.

– New pilots who do not fulfill the above rule will be remove in 15 days.

– Arabia Virtual fleet consist of A320-214 and A330-300.

– All flights must be flying online on the VATSIM or IVAO network.

Minimum Requirements to Join Us :

– The candidate must be over the age of 16.

– The candidate must provide accurate and relevant information about himself.

– The candidate must be fluent in both speaking and writing English.

– The candidate joining Arabia Virtual, you will be automatically assigned a pilot number

– The candidate must show professionalism when flying with Arabia Virtual colors.

– Arabia Virtual has the right to deny the admission of the candidate.

– Arabia Virtual has the right to revoke the membership of any pilot who fail to adhere to the airline’s rules and regulations or does not behave according to   the airline’s policy.


Pilot Inactivity Policy :

– The pilot should fly at least once every 15 days.

 – Pilots who are marked as inactive ones, will be asked by email if they want or not to continue on Arabia Virtual giving him a 7 days period to reply our email.

 – The pilot might send a leave of absence request to us; in which (if accepted) the pilot will have a 90 days period in which he must fly at least once in order to remain on Arabia Virtual . This request can only be sent once a year.

 – You will not be able to send a leave of absence until you served 90 days or at least 3 flights for Arabia Virtual.

 – We strongly recommend to consider your ability to fulfill Arabia Virtual basic commitments before applying.

 – If you cannot comply with these minimum requirements you will be removed from our pilots roster.

 – If you were removed from our rosters before, you can replay to join us again and your past records will be looked at.


My heading is awesome :

– First of all, pilots must show respect and cordiality to other Arabia Virtual pilots and the whole virtual community members like to another virtual airline members or VATSIM and other social networks.

 – All Arabia Virtual resources are only usable by our pilots, and are not publishable.

 – Pilots are requested to show the real aviation, cordiality and seriousness when using Arabia Virtual callsign.

 – Pilots must fill an appropriate ATS flight plan and carry an appropriate amount of fuel for the intended flight, prioritising safety on all operations.

 – Depending on the importance of the event, softer or strict measures will be taken by our staff to ensure and maintain the quality on our operations and of our virtual airline. – Arabia Virtual pilots must show professionalism at all times during the operations on the network, especially in communications, flight planning and flightexecution.

 – Arabia Virtual pilots are requested not to make a fuss on public forums, social network or IVAO network itself, especially when flying for

 – Arabia Virtual will take measures against any pilot who disobeys any of those rules.

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